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Event Management and Tickets is an add-on to the Membership CRM system. It provides flexible event and ticketing management for members.

Event Profile

Setup the profile of your event, the name, location, dates and related website links.

Do you have to pre-pay for the event tickets, or is receivable collection allowed?

Ticket Entitlements

Each ticket may include multiple entitlements. Examples are 2x drinks, 2 event gift items, 4 swimming sessions, etc.

Each entitlement is track individually as available, or redeemed.

Ticket and Packages

Ticket type - different tickets for members, adults, child, VIP and general.

Package type - general table orders, VIP tables, sponsorship packages. Each package may include multiple single tickets. Ex. A Sponsor package includes one dinner table of 12 tickets, and each ticket a VIP gift set.

Your eTicket

Event APP

The Event Manager APP is designed for friendly verification of all attendee eTickets. Additionally for VIP, searching by table, by member, and other methods are also allowed. Scan ticket QR code for entry, session attendance or redeem gift.

Send to Guest

When you purchase multiple tickets or a package, the system helps you to send your tickets to the individual guests. They can then arrive comfortably and be admitted to the event.

Payments and Reconcile

Payment and receivables are critical to the running of an event. The system tracks each order with a matching invoice. It then tracks the payments of the invoice with different payment methods.