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Event & Tickets

Event and Ticket Management

A full function Event Management platform. Manage your event planning, budgeting, revenue and expense. Event registration eForm, individual / group tickets, sponsorships, guest management, ticket issue. Online payment facility. Seating planning. Event Portal for member inquiry.

Event Registration

Event profile page, online registration eform on the Portal.

– Submit the form with online payment, or

– submit the form for later invoice payment

Option for event admin

– immediate approval of registration

– review and approval of registration

Event Ticket Types

Each event can define different ticketing types

– member ticket

– guest ticket

– table package

– sponsor package

Tickets Issued

System tracks each ticket issued

– individual tickets

– group tickets + guest name

– seating of each ticket (upon confirm)

– special VIP reception tickets

Ticket Enquiry

Guests can inquire on the event

– event profile

– event agenda and map location

– event updates

Inquire on their ticket

– ticket inquiry w/QR code

– ticket latest seating plan

Entry Validation

Mobile APP entry validations w/ multiple methods allowed

– Scan ticket QR code

– Search member name

– Search guest name

– Event status overview

Event Portal

An Event Portal site

– event profile

– registration form

– ticket inquiry

Benefit of Event & Tickets

Event Management

Event and Tickets

Complete event management function. Manage you project budget with all revenue and costs. Manage event revenue, ticket sales.

Ticket Type and Packages

Flexible ticketing

Different ticket types, sponsorships and packages.

Entry Validations

Flexible entry controls

Mobile APP for ticket validations. Scan tickets or search registrations.