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Membership CRM

Powered by SugarCRM

Membership CRM

Member and Membership

Member CRM provides tracking of your members and all related information.

Member Profile

– contact information

– member status and preferences

Membership type and renewals

– member type (annual, yearly) and renewal status

– member card number

Member relationships with other members

– type of relationship with other member

Member credentials

– experience and certificates

Member groups participation

period of joining various groups and committees

Member service history

– service hours under different events

Fees and Payments

Membership Fees

– membership renewals

Event Tickets

– purchase your event tickets


– donation pledge or adhoc donation amount

Other Purchases

– as created by the site admin for the member

Make Payments

– payment request generated

– make payment for the above items online or offline


Marketing and Newsletters

Member CRM provides the marketing communications and newsletter tools.

Marketing eDM

– automated sending of eDM and newsletters

– opt-out and opt-in mechanisms to meet GDPR requirements

Notifications and Alerts

– automatic notifications to members on renewals, on registration confirmation, on payment requests


Members Portal

The Member Portal provides a self service platform for members.

Inbox Messages

– messages sent to members

Member Events

events and tickets purchase

– volunteer for events

Member profile and membership

– update your profile and preferences

– renew your membership

– view credentials and certifications

Other purchases

other charges incurred

Donation and Pledges

your donation pledges

– your monthly donation debit notes

Payment requests

– make you online payment via Paypal, Credit Card

– inform the office of your offline payment


Events and Tickets

The Event Management function is for total event tracking under the member CRM system.

Event Profile

– event name, description, profile image

– event type and ticketing conditions

Event Ticket Types

– different ticket prices for each type

– online payment, or allow offline

Ticket layout formats

– auto generated for eDM sending

– with QR code for scanning


Event Onsite Manager App

An Event Manager App to manage the attendance and adhoc registrations on site.

Ticket Scan entry

– scan QR code for ticket entry

– pay at door if payment outstanding

– search by member profile

Ticket Entitlements

– additional vouchers for drinks, games, free gifts

Adhoc Tickets (if allowed)

– register and pay at door

List all Tickets

– by manager level to show list and status


Benefit of Membership CRM

Member Profiling

Full profile of member

Member profile, credentials, service history. Marketing and Newsletters.

Items and Payment

Automatic charges and payments

Membership fees, Event tickets, donations and other items.

Event and Tickets

Event Management and Ticket controls

Full event management platform. On site registration manager’s APP.

Features List

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Membership CRM is the award winning tool for your Association, NGO or non profit organization to manage your members. It is build on SugarCRM with ready tools for record management, minor enhancements and configurations. It provides also data security, dashboards and reporting.

The ready tools include:

– members and membership

– marketing and newsletters

– events and registrations

– member website portal

– event onsite manager APP