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The setup of an effective IT Strategy requires co-operation and understanding from both management and IT departments. At Aoba-Hopkins we have expertise in working different managements and provide the right IT services to suit each situation. Our consultants have thorough knowledge and many years of experience in the setup and implementation of effective IT strategies.


System implementation is a continuation of the scoping phase and to actually deliver the benefits through an IT based solution.

Each packaged application system on the market has a different design concept and with different functional designs. The functional mapping phase of each project is critical to plan the configuration of these modules, to perform the customizations or work-around required.

At Aoba-Hopkins, our team has deep industry knowledge and project experience with many packaged application systems. By working closely together with your project team, we will enable a high success rate for your project.

IT strategy is not about data definitions. It is about thinking through what is happening in the IT marketplace and understanding how that creates both opportunities and threats.


John C. Henderson
Boston University’s School of Management

Managed Applications

Our Managed Applications provide both applications, cloud hosting and managed infrastructure for your peace of mind. After successful implementation of your application project, we provide the necessary support for your operations on a day to day basis.


Basic support plan

  • general application support

  • normal phone and remote support

  • normal office hour support

  • fixed monthly charge (based on project size)

Extended support escalations

  • extended hour escalations

  • minor enhancement requests

  • infrastructure requests

  • charge to adhoc request tokens

IT Solution Support

We offer various support services for our projects:

  • License sales and subscriptins

  • User and Admin training

  • Normal phone + remote support plan

  • Adhoc requests tokens

  • Emergency escalations

Information Security

The issue of information security has become a very critical management topic in the recent years. Information is an asset of the company. Unauthorized access and misuse of information may have a serious impact to the company.

Aoba Hopkins can assist your company to perform a security risk assessment and to develop your security policy and procedures. Our team has the required experience and credentials, include CISSP, CISA designations.