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Service Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software provides your service team with the tools they need to optimize their prospect pipeline and drive more sales. Streamlining your business processes reduces the time and costs spent on re-entering data, and free up valuable time to be spent on more productive tasks. 

For Law, CPA, Architectural and Engineering Firms 

Let us you solve your problems with your service job operations. Starting with sales lead follow-up, opportunities qualification and closing. On job commencement the challenges of managing and monitoring. Financial followup, work on billings, and receivables. Cost management and Work in Progress.

  • Sales lead generation

  • Job Management

  • Billing Schedules

  • Timesheet and costing

  • Work in Progress analysis

Sales Lead Generation

Sales starts with marketing lead generation. Through strong followup many opportunities are identified and pursued. CRM provides the management tools for tracking your opportunity pipelines.

Job Profile includes the overview of the job won. The scope of the job, key tasks, revenue budget, cost budget, contractors and partner involved.

During project operations, the project managers will be reminded on the key milestones and will be asked to provide status updates to management.

Job Profile

Job Management & Milestone

Job Management includes the planning stage for the setup of fee budgets, cost budgets the key project milestones and any key tasks/deliverables.

On the project tasks, budgets can be planned at this level so to be able to manage and monitor actual time costs incurred.

Billing Schedules

Billings are an important aspect of each company. As there are many different projects happening at the same time, each with different billing agreements, a good system to monitor and provide reminders is very important. Billing  types may include:

  • Time-based billing

  • % of project billing

  • Fixed amount billing

  • Recurring billings

Timesheet & Time Costs

In the service industry, people time costs is the major cost item. Naturally we need to track and manage these costs well.

Timesheet entry is the main tool to monitor and manage project costs. Costs are charged and monitored by the task budgets assigned during the project planning stage.

  • Client code + client project + project service / task

  • The system also provides for the following applications

  • Leave Apply

  • Expense Claim

Work in Progress (WIP)

WIP is the analysis of cumulated time costs and the corresponding billings made.The costs exceed billings is an indication of the project over budget, client payment issues, or project progress delay.

Different WIP analysis on the cumulated data is essential for management to get alerted to any operational issues.