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For four consecutive years, Sugar CRM has been named as the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application, providing business users a complete view of customer interactions across sales, marketing and service with in-depth reporting and collaboration tools. For IT managers, Sugar CRM provides a cost-effective solution that is easy to manage while offering flexible customization, integration and deployment options. (Read more)

Customer Profiling

Led Generation

Marketing Campaigns

Sales Force Automation

Customer Support



Advanced Workflow and Processes


Key Features

 Want to use SugarCRM for different industries? Can CRM help me manage members, enhance promotions, setup my reward and loyalty plan, track my project time, costs and revenue? YES! You can use our AH CRM industry platforms manage your business and enable your team!

Customer Profile

Account + Contact persons

Category and industry

Summary and preferences

Related activities

Related transactions

Lead Generation

Web2 Lead forms

Business Card scanner

CSV import from events

Import into Leads for followup

Auto assign to team members

Sales Automation

Sales Opportunity

Followup activity

Sales stage update

Pipeline funnel

Sales team mobile APP

Mobile APP

All Sugar modules

For Sales team productivity

Online, Offline Mode

Mobile SDK for even further flexibility.

Advanced Workflow

Graphical Workflow designer

Business Rule Engine

Why choose us

More and more customers are choosing SugarCRM over every day. Why? That’s because SugarCRM invests more in our customers’ success by providing the most innovative CRM solutions and the most value in the market. (Read more)

SugarCRM is being deployed by more and more organizations over Microsoft Dynamics CRM every day. While the two products seem to offer similar core functionality, SugarCRM and the Sugar product offer key additional benefits companies are not finding when they look closely at Dynamics. 

(Read more)