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Our loyalty CRM helps you maintain the interest of your current members by setting up loyalty programmes based on systematic collection of customer datas. Provide customers the additional privileges or services they deserve!

Member & Membership plans

Member Profile

Member profiles including contact information, statistics, reward points balance, opt-in preferences. The member profile also includes all relevant activities and transactions of the member.

Membership Levels

The system allows multiple Membership schemes for each of your brands. In each membership scheme, different levels are defined, each with their own upgrade/down grade rules. Upon each upgrade, the member will enjoy enhanced point earning, and free gift items on upgrade.

Campaign and Promotions

Plan your promotion campaigns to excite your members!

  • Promotion period

  • Target customers

  • Criteria of the offer (member, store, category..)

  • Offer type (points, discount, gift items)

Notification to members

  • Push eDM, SMS, Inbox messages to member

Omni-Channel Sales Integration

Integrate your sales channels to CRM for a central reward management.

  • Store Point of Sales

  • Online store

  • Public marketplace

  • Outlets and event sales

Consolidate all channel sales into one central CRM.

  • Link memberof each channel to the central CRM

  • Provide different reward points for each channel

Member Rewards

 Rewards by Membership tier 

Earn points on purchase transactions. Different earning methods including:

  • Setup by member tier

  • Points by channel, product category, sub-category

  • Bonus points by amount of spending

​Membership tiers and levels

Reach tiers and levels through spending requirements of each level and additional bonus points and gift items on upgrade

Points and Coupons

Point Wallet

  • Total points on hand, points to gift

  • Redeem points for gift items

  • Redeem points as cash during payment at POS or eShop

Coupons wallet

  • Your coupons include gift items and other vouchers

  • Show and scan your QR code coupon at the outlet

Retail Analytics

Member Web Portal

​The Member Portal provides a touchpoint for self service to the member.

  • Inbox messages

  • Bonus point balance

  • Redeem points for gift items

  • Coupons on hand

  • Service request

Wechat Social Media

Wechat integrate with CRM member profile

Member direct promotion messages to Inbox

Member self service reward redemption to coupons

Member online catalog

Member service support and chat