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Hotel Member Rewards

Hotel Member and Rewards allows you to easily add membership and reward to your group of hotels. Each hotel may be using different hotel PMS systems including Oracle Opera or different versions of Opera.

– membership and levels
– rewards and bonus points
– promotion and offers
– guest stay rewards
– f&b rewards


Chain Stay Rewards + Local F&B Rewards

Your rewards scheme can be at 2 levels

– group level rewards for hotel stays
– local F&B promotion and rewards

Service Desk Portal

The Service Desk Portal allows each property Hotel to service its members.

– Member search
– Profile update
– Bonus point balance
– Coupon items and balance
– Redeem points to gift items
– Service requests

Service APP

Service APP provides a function for partner outlets to serve loyalty members.

– basic member profile inquiry
– eCoupon validation
– support case update

Hotel PMS integration

The system can easily integrate with different hotel PMS systems including Opera Opera, Fidelio, Infor PMS and others

– by Web Service API
– by report CSV file


Hotel Member and Rewards can easily complement your existing hotel chain with new service and promotion features. Minimal change to existing system is required and low implementation costs.

Hotel and Rewards is based on AH Loyalty CRM.