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Medical and Beauty CRM

Medical and Beauty CRM was built for the medical group, beauty group with multiple clinics. It includes customer management, service package with entitlements, booking of appointments, staff rosters, appointment results and diagnostic reports.

Members and Membership

The member module keeps a record of the member profile. It also tracks all activities with the member. This includes

– membership and levels
– orders placed for packages
– booking appointments
– treatment history and reports
– products prescribed

Member Enrollment

Member Registration eForm

New members are recruited by different channels. After filling in the registration form, they are automatically send a welcome letter.

– registration eForm
– automated welcome kit
– membership eCard
– send promotion eCoupons
– assign to a salesperson


Salesperson and Agents

Sales persons and agents play an important role in recruiting new customers and to sell packages.

– introducing salesperson or agent
– find agent fee
– package sales agent fee
– service delivery agent fee

Packages and Service Offerings

Product Packages

Service Packages

Special Offers Packages

Members can purchase packages on products or services. Special promotion offers include free coupons with entitlements.

– package with multiple products
– package with multiple service entitlements
– can use for later booking
– send eCoupons to member


Booking of Services

Booking Calendar

Package Entitlements Booking

Multi-center Booking

Appointment Calendar show all the available timeslots per day. Members can use their coupon to book their services. Each calendar timeslot is controlled by the roster in the CRM.

– by each treatment type
– by room roster
– by equipment roster
– by staff roster

Service Center Portal

Service Center Point of Sales / Service

Multiple Service Center

The Service Center Portal provides each branch office their point of sale terminal for Staff to perform their daily work. this may include:

– Lookup the customer
– Signup new customer
– Place order for new package
– record the payments
– Book appointments for members on calendar
– log results of services
– check-in members arriving for their appointment


Benefits Summary

Member + Membership

Profile and Rewards

Maintain a detailed record of the patient. Including membership, purchases, treatments and reports.

Packages + Entitlements

Product and services

Manage your business with packages + entitlements. Schedule your service appointments with the staff and equipment roster.

Service Center Enabled

Service Portal

Enable each front desk with a powerful point of sales and servicing tool. Easily extend your business with both owned and franchised branches.