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Our Solution Platforms

CRM + Loyalty

We work with open CRM platform in the world as a base for your business requirements including Retail Loyalty, Associations, Insurance, etc. Available On Cloud or On Premise. ERP integrations.

eCommerce + POS

Our eCommerce projects are based on WooCommerce or Odoo eCommerce. The O2O features are enabled by integration with POS + eShop as a total solution.

Mobile Touchpoints

Our solution touchpoints include Web, responsive Mobile, APP, Wechat Mini-Program. We extend our platform to your customers, partners, staff as your business requires.


Our retail and supply chain expertise leverages the powerful Odoo ERP platform. Odoo has a flexible architecture for different industries. It has many powerful APPs that can meet your needs.

Website Portal

Our Website Portals are built on the WordPress CMS for a powerful and creative platform. Then add customer / member functions with integration to backend CRM.

Hotel Solutions

Our Hotel Loyalty system helps hotel groups across different branding and hotel PMS systems in use. We also provide a front office document eSignature system that integrates economically with Opera PMS.

Solution Showcase

Medical and Beauty CRM

Our Medical and Beauty CRM helps you manage your chain medical and beauty service centers. Members can purchase service coupons with multiple entitlements. With the booking calendar, they can book services with the available roster (room, equipment, service technician). Additionally the service portal allows each service center to easily manage their operations.

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Hotel Member Rewards

Our Hotel Rewards provides a chain store hotel membership and rewards system. Different hotels can join together for their hotel stay rewards and F&B rewards. Different hotel and F&B systems can easily integrate to the platform. A service desk portal is also provided for easy guest servicing.

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Hotel Document eSigning

Our Hotel Document eSigning enables a paperless front desk. Hotel PMS (including Opera) generated documents can be presented for eSigning with the iPad device. The signed document is then archived to the included document server. Additionally the system provides slideshows of the hotel, spa, restaurants or rooms, that the front desk agent can show to the hotel guest. 

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Member CRM for Associations

Our Member CRM solution is perfect to manage your NGO or association. It keeps detail information of each member, their activities, credentials, service records, committee work. Additionally it also help manage your member invoices, providing both offline payment tracking (bank in, cheque, cash) and online payments (FPS, Alipay, Wechat, credit card). The member portal provides a powerful self service platform for members.

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Events and Ticketing

Our Events and Ticketing solution complements our Member CRM with event management features. Create your event page (event, dinner, course), setup your ticket types (member, family, table), ticket entitlements (entry ticket, souveneir, course class) and sponsor packages. Our Event Portal helps your members to manage their registration and ticket inquires. Additionally the mobile APP is powerful for entry control and onsite management.

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Online Payments

Our online payment component provides the latest payment channels for your business. The system allows you to create your invoices and then send the link to your customer / members for payment online. The invoice is then reconciled automatically with the online payment channel, or offline payment methods.

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eShop and eMarketplace

Our eCommerce suite includes both our front end eShop and eMarketplace. eShop is for one vendor while eMarketplace is a mall with multiple vendors. Our solutions are built on Magento or Opencart.

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Wechat eShop 微信商城

Our Wechat eShop / Social eShop provides a powerful selling tool for your products. The basic eShop includes product catalog, highlights and promotions, and logistics tracking. The enhanced eShop includes KOL, video promotions and agency levels.

For more information on Wechat eShop visit our solution page.
For more information on Wechat Social eShop visit our solution page.

ERP and Logistics

Odoo ERP is a suite of integration applications that can manage your entire business.

– Multiple company
– Multiple business units
– Multiple currency
– Accounting / finance
– Sales
– Purchasing
– Warehouse management
– Point of Sales
– eCommerce

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Aoba Hopkins Information Management Ltd.

We provide innovative solution to enable your business and to solve your strategic challenges!

Our solutions are built on CRM, ERP, Portal and Mobile APP platforms. Using these standard platforms, we then add enhancements for your industry.

We have built solutions for

– Hospitality Rewards,
– Retail Member and Membership,
– Association Operations,
– Event Promotion and Ticketing,
– Medical and Beauty,
– O2O eCommerce,
– Insurance Brokerage and
– eBanking Portals.

Where additional functionality is required, we integrate with ready components like eForms, Event Ticketing, CTI Telephony, Marketing Campaigns, Social Media, Wechat and Support Desk.

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