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Social Enterprises

Social Enterprise CRM is for organizations that are registered NGO or asscociations. They manage many staff, volunteers and service teams. They service case users. They need to track case use of resources and the service history by each case worker. Additionally a key source of funding is government, organization or donor funds. 

Our Social Enterprise CRM is based on our Member CRM platform.

Member Profile

Member CRM provides tracking of your members and all their related information.

– Member Profile
– Member as volunteers, staff, partners
– Member credentials and certificates
– Member service history with cases
– Member service hours

Service Case

The purpose of Social Enterprises is to serve the community. Service is performed via Case / Projects.

– case type (event, service persons)
– case receipiants
– case workers and volunteers
– sponsors and donations
– case key milestones



Event Management

The Event Management function is for management of events, ticketing and attendance.

– Event Profile
– Event team members and tasks
– Event registration and attendance

Sponsors & Donations

Manage your sponsorship and donations

– One time sponsorship
– Monthly donation plan
– Case / Event based sponsors

Member Newsletters

Member CRM provides the marketing communications and newsletter tools.

– Newsletter and Announcements
– Member Alerts



Invoice and Payments

Automatically generate Invoice from your activities.

– Credit Card
– Alipay
– Wechat Pay
– HK FPS (Faster Pay System)

Issue receipts as required


Payments (online / offline)

Online payments
– Credit Card online payment
– FPS Faster Pay System
– Wechat / AliPay

Offline payments
– Bank in deposit
– Cash payment
– in person Credit Card


Benefit of Membership CRM


Member and Membership

Member profile, credentials, service history. Membership management.

Items and Payment


Manage member activities. Generate invoice as required and followup on payments.

Projects and Events

Invoice and Payments

Project budget tracking. Member payments. Vendor invoices.


Social Enterprise CRM is your one platform to manage your NGO organization. The ready tools include:

– members and membership
– service case and projects
– marketing and newsletters
– events and registrations
– sponsor and donations
– online / offline payments