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CRM + Documents allows you to manage all you operation documents. This process includes all types of documents, as related to different customers, projects or administration areas.

– Document Capture
– Document Upload and Indexing
– OCR recognition and templates
– Filing of documents under customer
– Document eSigning and routings
– Document retrievals

Scan Documents

Scan you documents using your MFP copier, or scanner device.

Upload Document and Index

Upload your scanned document for proecessing.

During the upload you will be asked to

– Select document type
– Manual fill in document type metadata
– File to document type
– Link to customer record

Auto OCR Templates

Define you OCR templates by document type

– document type metadata
– OCR template by document type
– field location mapping
– auto filing of document
– link document to customer

Additionally each document is run through our full text OCR conversion engine also.

Document Records

Each document is neatly filed

– under the customer, project
– by document type (invoice, contract, policy…)
– with metadata fields for each document type


– version control
– preview
– other collaborations (signature, comments)

Document Preview

Preview your documents online

Document Storage

Store your documents in the default cloud server. Alternatively you may select Google drive as your document repository. Your documents in the CRM will then be linked to your Google Drive.

Document Search

Define your powerful search forms