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Member CRM

MemberCRM is for organizations that service their members. The related industries that can benefit from the MemberCRM system to efficiently manage their member functions include:

– Clubs and associations,
– NGO organizations
– Schools

Member Profile

Member CRM provides tracking of your members and all their related information.

Member Information

– Member Profile
– Member relationships with other members
– Member credentials
– Member groups participation
– Member service history

Membership and Levels

Member CRM provides tracking of your membership and renewals

Membership type

– member type
– member card number

Membership renewals

– automatic reminder of expiry and renewals

Application eForms

Define flexible eForms and integrate them to the CRM for processing.

eForm types may include:

– membership application
– event registration
– merchandise ordering
– service requests


Activity Transactions

Track your Activities

– Membership and renewals
– Event Tickets
– Donations
– Other Purchases

Generate Invoice and Track Payments

– pay invoice online / offline


Invoice and Payments

Automatically generate Invoice from your activities.

Track the online / offline payments

– Credit Card
– Alipay
– Wechat Pay
– HK FPS (Faster Pay System)

Issue receipts as required


Online Payment

Online payments

– Credit Card online payment
– FPS Faster Pay System
– Wechat / AliPay

Offline payments

– Bank in deposit
– Cash payment
– in person Credit Card


Member Notification and Newsletters

Member CRM provides the marketing communications and newsletter tools.

– Newsletter and Announcements
– Member Alerts


Project and Events (option)

The Event Management function is for management of event projects and attendance.

– Event Profile
– Event team members and tasks
– Event Budget, revenue items, expense items
– Invoice and payment collections

Members Portal

The Member Portal provides a self service platform for members.

– Inbox Messages
– Member Events and Registrations
– My Event Tickets
– Member profile and membership
– Donation and Pledges
– Other purchases
– Payment requests


Demo Videos

Benefit of Membership CRM


Member and Membership

Member profile, credentials, service history. Membership management.

Items and Payment


Manage member activities. Generate invoice as required and followup on payments.

Projects and Events

Invoice and Payments

Project budget tracking. Member payments. Vendor invoices.


Membership CRM is the award winning tool for your Association, NGO or non profit organization to manage your members. It is build on SugarCRM with ready tools for record management, minor enhancements and configurations. It provides also data security, dashboards and reporting.

The ready tools include:

– members and membership
– marketing and newsletters
– events and registrations
– member website portal
– event onsite manager APP