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Opensource Platforms

Our Open Source platforms gives you the flexibility of low license costs, but not to compromise on functionality. Supported by Aoba Hopkins and a global community of 3rd party components, we built enterprise applications that you need for your industry.

SugarCRM Community Edition

The Open Source Sugarcrm Community Edition that is also called Sugar CE 6.5. It is the platform that a host of other 3rd party developers have used to create their own version of CRM.



A popular SME CRM platform lead by Sales Agility in Europe. Also based in Sugar CE 6.5 but with an upgraded user interface and many community projects.


Odoo ERP

Odoo ERP community edition is a free version with full features for the technical developer. The Enterprise Edition provides additional tools and features.


WordPress CMS

WordPress is a completely community driven project. The software however has many powerful 3rd party components that enable it to be used in Enterprise operations.


WooCommerce on WP

WooCommerce is a powerful eShop / eMarketplace platform that is built for WordPress.


KT DMS is an Opensource Document Management System. The commercial edition has since been highly successful.