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Sugar CRM, recognized as the top Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application for four years running, offers business users a comprehensive overview of customer interactions. This spans across sales, marketing, and service sectors, supplemented with detailed reports and collaborative tools. For IT managers, SugarCRM is a budget-friendly solution that’s easy to handle, while also offering the flexibility of customization, integration, and various deployment options.

Sugar Dashboard


Customer Profile

Account + Contact persons
Category and industry
Summary and preferences
Related activities
Related transactions


Lead Generation

Web2 Lead forms
Business Card scanner
CSV import from events
​Import into Leads for followup
Auto assign to team member


Sales Automation

Sales Opportunity
Followup activity
Sales stage update
Pipeline funnel


Mobile APP

For Sales team productivity
All Sugar modules
Support Workflow approvals
Online, Offline Mode


Marketing Campaigns

Create your personalized marketing campaigns. User Sugar to track end to end campaigns.


Support Service

Support your customers with Sugar support functions

– respond immediately
– assign request to staff
– track completion of case
– escalation of outstanding case


Advanced Workflow BPM

Graphical Workflow designer
Business Rule Engine
For Sugar Enterprise Edition