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Beauty Clinic CRM (美容院)

Beauty Clinic CRM was built for the SME beauty clinic. It includes customer management, service package with entitlements, booking of appointments, invoice and payments.


Member Profile

The member module keeps a record of the member profile. It also tracks all activities with the member. This includes

– orders placed for packages
– booking appointments
– treatment history and reports
– products prescribed


Booking Calendar

Book for your clinic. Add appointment to calendar to avoid conflicts.


Products and Services

Define your products, services.

Define your packages, which may include multiple units of products and services.


Contract and Packages

Customers purchase a contract package

– multiple qty of services
– multiple qty of products

Validate the contract item balances at each visit

Member Visit Transactions

Member each visit transaction

– package entitlement used
– additional services performed
– additional products purchased


Invoice / Receipt

Print their visit receipt in PDF format.


Marketing Campaigns

Regularly update your customers with a newsletter.

HTML format newsletter

– promote your business
– new services
– new products
– promotion offers


Management Dashboard

Management dashboard

– daily customer count
– services performed
– packages sold
– entitlements used
– reminder on renewals