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Hotel eSigning

Hotel Document eSigning is to enable your hotel to provide

– better customer service
– a modern paperless front desk
– customer upselling tools
– enable multiple front desk access to documents

It requires minimal change to your current system and operations and is compatible to different PMS systems including Oracle Opera.

As a further enhancement, it complements our Hotel Chain Member Reward System.

Front Desk Slideshows

Default Slideshow

Promotion Slideshow

Select your default front desk slide show to show to arriving guests.

Perform upselling by showing promotion slideshows to your guests while they are waiting.

– room type highlights
– F&B outlet introduction
– Spa and facility introduction



Sign Document on iPad

Sign the presented document on iPad tablet

– preview document
– signature with options
– embed document onto document
– final confirm review


Front Desk CheckIn

Guest Check-In at front desk

Front Office Agent prints Opera documents

– Registration Card
– Security Deposit
– Currency Exchange

Other non-Opera documents also

Front Desk CheckOut

Guest checkout

– Invoice / Folio
– Deposit Refund
– Any other documents also

Other Documents

Sign other documents

– Deposit Slip
– Comment Form
– Address Change Form
– Non Opera Documents also

Email Document to Guest

Send copy of signed document to Guest by Email

– cover letter on official letterhead
– attach copy of signed document


Document Management DMS

Search the backend DMS for previously signed documents, for travel agency authorizations or others.

– by guest name, ID…
– by dates of stay
– by document ID

Document Management System based on KT DMS.

Front Office Console

Front Office Agent Console

– easy visibility and control of the process
– preview documents
– edit options and present for eSigning
– review signed
– submit to DMS

Guest iPad pairing

Integrate with Opera PMS

Integrate with Opera PMS.

– Opera PMS generate document
– eSignature console integration
– Guest tablet pairing



AH Hotel eSiging enables you to upgrade your hotel front office with a cost effective and efficient document eSigning feature. Your hotel can benefit with improved image, upsell features, and improved operations.