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Online Payment

Our online payment component provides the latest payment channels for your business.

– Alipay
– Wechat Pay
– FPS Faster Pay System
– Paypal Credit Card

The system allows you to create your invoices and then send the link to your customer / members for payment online. The invoice is then reconciled automatically with the online payment channel, or offline payment methods.

Create Invoice

Manual create invoice

related to membership, projects, events, sponsor, purchases

System auto create invoice

– automatically from transactions



Notify Customer of new Invoice

Notify Customer

– Email notice with URL to invoice
– Click to review invoice


Link to Online Invoice

Invoice payment URL link

– click directly to pay invoice

Invoice search

– by customer account
– by invoice#

Review Invoice details

Payment method QR code

Select payment method

– Alipay
– Wechat Pay

System generates relevant QR code

– use the bank APP to scan the QR code


Scan and Pay

Scan with bank APP

– Alipay APP
– Wechat APP
– Bank APP for FPS

Complete payment process

Offline Payment too

Record payments by offline method too

– pay by cash
– pay by cheque
– pay by bank transfer

Bank Reconcile

Bank will confirm payment received.

– Sync status back to platform
– update invoice status as Paid
– update payment history records
– notify / confirm to admin

Onsite POS Payment too

System also supports onsite payment at physical stores.

– customer shows their bank payment QR code
– store enters transaction into POS
– store POS scans the customer QR code

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